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The Life Center

The Life Center Counseling and Resources, LLC (The Life Center) is a faith-based practice that provides therapy, counseling, coaching, training, and resources. The Life Center functions under the premise of “offering hope . . . giving life . . . ” and endeavors to empower and equip individuals to be the best they can be for themselves, their children, their families, and the world.  It also endeavors to provide individuals, families, and couples with resources that will enhance and advance their lives in a greater way.  This is achieved by linking clients to various resources within their community and making referrals to other services with whom The Life Center Counseling and Resources has established a connection and relationship.

Individual Counseling/Therapy

On our individual journey through life we encounter different stages, transitions,

couples Therapy

Throughout the duration of relationships, couples encounter

PreMarital Counseling

As individuals preparing to enter into marriage, it is paramount to not only plan for a 

Life Coaching

Life tends to have many possibilities and opportunities that are often unrealized.  These missed moments

Empowerment Training

 Organizations are discovering more and more that their visions are better realized when their teams,

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